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Relay For Life. Why BitH Walks...Dave.

Hey Everyone! Every year BitH participates in the Relay, hoping to raise all the money we can for the American Cancer Society.  Earlier tonight, I came to the realization that we ask for money every year, but we never tell you WHY we walk in the Relay.  Everyone in the band (and all of our close friends on Team W.O.B.O.) has been affected by cancer in some way.  Right now, everyone in the band is taking some time to write up why they walk, and why they feel it's so important for us to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Every night this week, we'll be putting up a new note from each band member on why we walk.  Please feel free to forward, share, and tweet.  We want to raise all the money we can for this amazing organization that has done so many wonderful things.

Our goal is $1000, and we'd love to do it by Saturday.  If you want to donate, head to the link to our team (Team W.O.B.O.) below.  If you're unable to donate, please help us spread the word by sharing via social media and email. 

Thanks so much for your support,

Ball in the House

Link to donate to our team:  http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/?team_id=1397954&pg=team&fr_id=52014

Why Dave Walks.

I was first introduced to cancer when I was 6 or 7 years old. I remember singing "The Way We Were" for my family. I would see my Aunt Mary (Well my mom's aunt, but I called her my aunt) sitting there listening. She had her oxygen tank by her side. I never knew why, but I knew she was sick. Cancer took her life shortly after. I remember that day like it was yesterday.
This disease changes families. Changes lives. The Relay For Life helps us heal. That is why I walk. I walk for my grand parents, my God parents, my aunts and uncles and for all those I know who are in heaven and for those who are still fighting the fight against cancer. I walk because I love them.
If you have a minute, please visit our Relay For Life site and help us reach our donation goal. May God continue to bless you, our fans, our friends, with good health and much happiness.

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