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Relay For Life. Why BitH Walks...Jon J.

Hey Everyone! Every year BitH participates in the Relay, hoping to raise all the money we can for the American Cancer Society.  Earlier tonight, I came to the realization that we ask for money every year, but we never tell you WHY we walk in the Relay.  Everyone in the band (and all of our close friends on Team W.O.B.O.) has been affected by cancer in some way.  Right now, everyone in the band is taking some time to write up why they walk, and why they feel it's so important for us to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Every night this week, we'll be putting up a new note from each band member on why we walk.  Please feel free to forward, share, and tweet.  We want to raise all the money we can for this amazing organization that has done so many wonderful things.

Our goal is $1000, and we'd love to do it by Saturday.  If you want to donate, head to the link to our team (Team W.O.B.O.) below.  If you're unable to donate, please help us spread the word by sharing via social media and email. 

Thanks so much for your support,

Ball in the House

Link to donate to our team:  http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/?team_id=1397954&pg=team&fr_id=52014


Why Jon J. Walks

I've been very blessed that most of my family has been relatively cancer free, so most of my experience has been through friends.  Unfortunately, I see through them just how many people this terrible disease affects.
And even in my small family sampling, dealing currently with breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer, you can see just how many different ways it can attack.  It's a scary, frustrating disease.

At Relay, you believe in our common dream that one day there'll be a cure as you see progress every year - learning about advances made, seeing survivors walk, and listening to their stories.  Not all make it, and while it's a time to remember them too, the overall feeling is one of optimistic hope.  I strongly encourage you to watch the video of Ryan's mom, Carol, whose incredibly inspiring story is linked below.

Relay and the cancer experience has brought many new friends to me and strengthened other friendships.  I hope I can be an ear for them and their stories and frustations, a presence that can offer comfort, and a helper to ease burdens.
I walk so that my small part can in some way contribute to our Relay Team, to the Relay event, and eventually to ACS, making a difference in leading us towards our common dream.  

Carol's (Ryan's Mom) Story- http://youtu.be/ml6OVpPxQPs (Click Link)

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