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Ordinary Day Single Release Today!!

We release "Ordinary Day" for all the world to hear, TODAY, on Wednesday October 27, 2021!!

Available on all downloading and streaming sites: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many others! Just go to your favorite service and search, "Ordinary Day" by Ball in the House, and enjoy :-)

Written by Wallace Thomas
Arrangement by Wallace Thomas
Additional Arranging by Kevin Cincotta-Guest
Lead Vocals: Wallace Thomas
Vocal Percussion: Jon J Ryan
Bass Vocals: Kevin Cincotta-Guest
Baritone Vocals: Montario Hill
Tenor Vocals: David Guisti
Claps: David Guisti, Jon J Ryan, Wallace Thomas
Auxiliary Vocals: Kevin Cincotta-Guest, David Guisti, Montario Hill, Wallace Thomas
Choir: David Guisti, Montario Hill, Wallace Thomas
Vocal Harmonica: Kevin Cincotta-Guest

Executive Producer: Ball in the House
Producer: Kevin Cincotta-Guest
Vocal Production by Ball in the House
Vocals Engineered by Kevin Cincotta-Guest
Editing by Kevin Cincotta-Guest
Mix Engineer: Kevin Cincotta-Guest
Mastering Engineer: Bill Hare

Recorded at WCTV: Wilmington Community Television, Wilmington, MA, USA, and the residence of Kevin Cincotta-Guest, Westborough, MA, USA

Recording began with the first sessions at WCTV: Wilmington Community Television in Wilmington at 9:00 AM on Thursday April 29, 2021, and concluded with the last day of mixing the track on Tuesday June 15, 2021

We're really proud with how this turned out! We absolutely loved the recording and writing process, and having Bill Hare's magic touch on the final product -- he's a **Grammy-Winning** producer/engineer who has worked with world-class a cappella groups such as Pentatonix, Home Free, The Swingles, Voces8 -- we're truly blessed! Kevin had an absolute blast producing and working on the track too!

This is just a TASTE of what's to come for our full-length, original album! And remember that music video we were talking about in previous social media posts....stay tuned, it's coming VERY SOON!!

Happy listening, and please, STREAM, DOWNLOAD, and SPREAD THE WORD, and SHARE EVERYWHERE to your heart's content!

Thank you for all of the continued love and support!

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