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Introducing our new full-time member, Nels Urtel

Some of you may have met Nels when he was touring with us as a sub. After Craig moved on, we auditioned a lot of talented people. We felt so blessed the all the people that showed interest in traveling and singing with us. During the audition process, we asked Nels if he would ever be interested in coming on full-time. It would?ve been a big step for him that included leaving his life behind in Wisconsin and moving to Boston. He thought about it, and we?re very happy that he accepted the position. If you?ve never met him, make sure to say hello when you see him. Here?s his bio? I was born and raised in south-central Minnesota in a town named Mankato. A son of educators and musicians, I found music to be important to me and everyone around me. My father was my high school choral director and my whole immediate family impressed upon me the fun and importance of singing. However, it was at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where music developed from a pastime to a passion. I was heavily involved with the rich and talented choral program there under the direction of Dr. Gary Schwartzhoff and shared some amazing experiences with amazing people. I was able to travel all around the country and the world. I was fortunate enough to be a part of two international tours; a four-country European tour and a tour to Argentina. Though I loved the choral singing and training I received there, I also became involved in many other musical ensembles. I had the opportunity to sing with the award-winning UWEC Jazz Ensembles, I sang for an a cappella group called Fifth Element, for an 11 piece funk band, and played guitar, mandolin and sang for a progressive folk band called Beacon James. Though I was able to participate in all types of music, a cappella remained a great interest of mine. After I graduated in May of 2010, I spent some time with the now defunct Inpulse from Minneapolis and subbed in with a couple different a cappella groups in the Midwest. Now I am proud to be the ?new guy? in Ball in the House! After a cross country trip in a U-Haul with my father, I?m very excited to be in the Boston area with these wonderful guys and traveling all across the country. I am so grateful that I get to combine music and travel into one, awesome job!

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