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Interview Podcast w/Dave

Our first Interview Podcast with our tenor, Dave, is out now. This is a feature we?re doing exclusively for those of you on our mailing list, so you?ll be able to find it there. If you?re not signed up on our mailing list, shame on you! Well, not really shame, but don?t leave it up to chance to catch what?s up w/BitH. Let us take on that responsibility. We?ll remind you about upcoming shows, podcasts, CD release info, news, etc. It only takes a second to sign up and it?s free and we don?t spam. Anyway, the interview came out great and is pretty interesting to listen to, so we hope you like it too. Those of you that sent in questions got them answered. Stack is the next interview, but it?s already been recorded, so it?s too late to solicit questions, but we?ll let you know who the next one is after that so you can get your questions in.

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