In Dan's Own Words

After seven wonderful, adventurous, and fulfilling years, I have decided to move on from Ball in the House.  Naturally, people will want to know why and it?s a difficult question to answer in some ways.  For starters, I?m definitely not leaving because of any juicy, salacious reasons many people leave bands.  There was no drama and no fighting.  Mostly, I just feel as though this part of my life has run its course and I feel ready to return to my home and spend some time with my loved ones and my family and see what life has in store for me next.   I can?t say enough how much I have enjoyed my time here.  I?ve met so many incredible people who have come out to see us and support us over the years.  I?ve made lots of new friends around the country, as well as four of the best friends I?ve ever had in my bandmates.  We?ve shared some pretty unbelievable things?places, relationships, experiences.  Plus, my family has grown by adding a few extra brothers. J   To you, the fans and supporters of Ball in the House, I will always be grateful.  When it boils right down to it, it?s your support that?s made my life possible all this time.  Your buying tickets to see us brought me to Alaska, to Wyoming, to Florida in golf season (yay!), and everywhere in between.  Your buying and enjoying our music put food on my table and paid my bills.  I certainly hope you?ll continue to support the band?the new guy might be better than me!  lol.  But seriously, I still feel like they?re doing God?s work out there and they will always need you in order to do so.  I?ll be a fan and supporting them, myself.   To the students we?ve been in front of: I?ve had an amazing experience that was only possible because of music.  Not only did I get to perform with great musicians and see the world but I got to explore feelings and share a rare connection with people through music and performing.  There?s nothing quite like that.  Stick with music if you love it.  Enjoy it.  And maybe someday you?ll have the opportunity to do what I?ve been able to.  If so, take that chance.  I promise it?s worth it. J   For a guy who just wanted to sing his whole life and never thought he?d be able to, what a blessing this has been.  God has been SOOOOO good to me.  I?m excited to see what He has in store for me, next.   Lastly, to Ball in the House: Thanks for taking a chance on me.  This was undoubtedly the best job I ever had.  I love you guys and I will really miss being around you every day and performing with you.   May God bless Ball in the House and God bless you all.  Take care out there, Dan

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