Craig Is Moving On

We?re sad to announce that Craig has decided to move on from BitH, and accept another performing opportunity with some friends of ours, NOTA. Craig has meant a lot to BitH over the last year and a half. We?ll miss him, and we wish him the best. In the mean time, we?ve been touring with our sub Nels Urtel. Nels is amazing singer and performer. He?ll be touring with us for the rest of the year while we go thru the audition process. We?re already receiving lots of awesome submissions. We?ll let you know as soon as we wrap up auditions. Thanks so much for all your support through this process. Here?s a little note from Craig to all of you? To all of my Ball in the House fans, For those of you who do not know, I will be leaving BitH and singing for NOTA, the Season 1 winners of the SING OFF. I announce this with bittersweet emotions. You have all been so very accepting of me this past year and I will never forget all of the support that was shown. I will always consider the guys of Ball in the house my brothers. I cherish the bonds that we've created over the last year and I will never forget them. This opportunity that I've been given will give me a chance to get in touch with my Latino roots and move to Puerto Rico where I have always had dreams of living. For those of you who also don't know, I am half Puerto Rican and my real name is actually Craig Cacciola-Morales. I started using Craig Range as a stage name back in L.A. for easier internet browsing due to the fact that many people found it hard to spell the whole name. Being in NOTA now, I figured the whole name would fit better. I owe everything to Ball in the House. They gave me my first full time music job and I am eternally grateful for that. They are by far the finest, most genuine individuals I have ever known let alone worked with. We had many amazing experiences, laughs, cries... usually from laughing : ) I will always be a big fan of them and hope the feeling is mutual. I implore you all, if you want, to keep following me along my musical journey (to quote Ball in the House). You are all very special to me and I do not want to lose touch. I will be finishing up some BitH shows through November and possibly December before moving over to NOTA full time.

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