America's Got Talent

So we were booted off in the first part of the Vegas show. Yes, we did make it to Vegas, despite not having our audition televised, but were sent home soon after we arrived. We were shown, but only briefly in crowd shots, so there are probably people who watched the show and weren?t even sure if we made it to Vegas or what. Of course, we wish we had had the chance to see the judges one more time and make our case, but alas, it wasn?t meant to be. We wish best of luck to all the really cool people we met during our time there. Despite all this, we still feel really blessed to have had all that great Today Show coverage and to go back to our full time job of making music. Thanks to everyone for your support ? it really means a lot to us. We hope you keep spreading the buzz ? even without AGT, we?ll still continue to tour and keep making what we hope is amazing music for you.

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